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Happy Black Friday!  We're now offering the Bunni Soundtrack for FREE!  Just click HERE to download a zip file full of mp3s

(right-click & 'save target as')

11-26-14 Made the latest issue of HorrorHound!  :)
11-26-14 New Orleans: Bunni screening, comic convention, new awesome friends, and a spectacular city. Yep.. one of the best weekends ever.
10-22-14 Oh yeah!
10-17-14 We're about 90% of the way finished shooting our scenes. Just thought you might want to know :)
10-1-14 Only a couple hours left to get a Bunni DVD........... Just sayin' :)
10-1-14 YES!!!! BEST FEATURE (genre) goes to BUNNI!!!!
We also received Runner-up for 'Best Feature Overall' and 'Best Character Development'
9-29-14 If you want Bunni on DVD-- the horror movie that cost sooo many awesome people so much of their blood, sweat, time,and tears-- with tons of special features: audio commentary, a Red Serial Films documentary, trailer, radio interview, news segment, the commercials that played at Malco Theater on opening night, and music videos..... You have 2 days left.

It's only $10 plus $5 shipping. This is a very limited run, and once Oct 1 is gone, no more of this limited edition director's cut DVD will be made, so yeah...
9-26-14 Pre-orders end soon.......
9-25-14 6 days left to get Bunni on DVD..............
9-24-14 New zombie commercial!
9-17-14 Only 2 weeks left to get Bunni (The Unrated Limited Edition Director's Cut Blah Blah Blah) on DVD!!....
9-16-14 Bunni is showing the next 2 weekends!


9-10-14 We still have a lot to film, but principle photography should wrap up in October. We're still planning on having this done by the end of 2015. And to show you guys what we've been up to, here are some clips that we've worked up for a teaser trailer. :)

On 10/25/14 Bunni will finally be on DVD for the first time!  The only way to obtain a copy is to PRE-ORDER before Wed., Oct 1.  This will be a Limited Edition with tons of special features.  This is the only time this version will be produced on DVD, so make sure you order yours today!

7-30-14 Bunni is coming to DVD.....   Free to those who come and watch the screening in Louisville this weekend  :)

*Come to the screening of Bunni on 8-1-14 and receive a voucher for a free Bunni DVD. Must fill out voucher and return to the Red Serial Films booth located at the film fest. Actual release of DVD will be in October. DVDs will be mailed out to all those at the film fest who return a voucher. No shipping cost. For info on the festival visit

6-6-14 We're sooooo happy to announce that 'Bunni' is now an official selection and will be screened at this year's Fright Night Film Fest in Louisville!!!!!!!!
4-30-14 OK everyone..... We need your help. We just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for an upcoming film based on He-Man and the Masters of the Universe!  Pleeeease CLICK HERE and help us make it happen...
4-17-14 Awesome Bunni review by Big Gay Horror Fan!
4-7-14 We had an absolute blast at Cinema Wasteland this weekend. Huge crowd, awesome people, perfect audience... Couldn't have asked for a better time!
3-7-14 Bunni cast!
3-6-14 We are so happy to announce that Bunni has been selected to screen at this year's Cinema Wasteland in Cleveland on April 4th!
3-4-14 A HUUUUUUUUUGE thank you to everyone who came and checked out Bunni Saturday!!!!
We had an absolute blast! And thank you to the organizers of the event and everyone who came by and chatted with us at our booth.

Photo creds: Jessica Roberts & Elliott Carter

2-27-14 Don't forget this Saturday at noon............
2-26-14 More photos from the Bunni cast photo shoot.. (click to view larger)
2-26-14_A.jpg (114379 bytes)  2-26-14_B.jpg (133430 bytes)  2-26-14_C.jpg (96230 bytes)  2-26-14_D.jpg (106938 bytes)

This Saturday night, Daniel and Steve will be at the final night of Unscripted 3: An Indie Film Xperience at the Davies County Public Library showing a 7 minute clup from Bunni.  It's free and starts at 6pm.  Don't miss it!

2-16-14 We may be a ways off from releasing Bunni on dvd, but we do have this..  :)
2-9-14 Bunni cast photo shoot!
2-6-14 Had a blast shooting this zombie Hyundai commercial!
2-3-14 Bunni review at Rogue Cinema!
1-31-14 events/664497446927397
1-30-14 Bunni is an official selection for this year's River City Festival of Films! It will be shown March 1 at the new Owensboro Convention Center in Screening Room #2 at 12:05pm.
1-11-14 Awesome review of Bunni at Cinema Schminema!!!
1-1-14 Thanks to Mark B at Hacked In The Head for this great review!!

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